I trust you are signed up to our mailing list?  If so you’ll have received Mae’s Pumpkin Pie recipe today.  There is a very special prize on the table for all of our test cooks this month – a chance to come to my house for dinner!  I will be making the legendary Joan Crawford Meatloaf for my birthday luncheon and it serves TEN PEOPLE.  Therefore, I am going to invite one of the test cooks drawn at random from the list to come with a significant other.  As there are many test cooks I have never met this will be SO MUCH FUN.  I haven’t settled on the other 7 invitees yet (cue begging emails from several chums I am sure) but get yourself in the kitchen for a chance to win!

If you haven’t signed up for the newsletter, pop over to the Recipe of the Month page for details.  If you are not able to get to London, you could nominate a lovely friend.  If you are vegetarian I am sure I could rustle up some Evelyn Brent’s Spaghetti a la Fascisti on another occasion.  So chums old and new, get cooking!

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