Much good humoured hilarity this week when Nazimova brought in the “Pumpkin Pie a la Robert” she had made from this month’s special recipe.  Naz is from Belgrade and had sent me an email saying that she’d never had Pumpkin Pie so had no idea what it should look or taste like. 

Unfortunately she missed the line in the recipe where Mae says: “Turn into unbaked pie shell.”

So Naz made a pie without any pie!  When I came into work and found it spread out on a plate on the top of the filing cabinet where everyone puts treats at work I exclaimed, “What the hell is THAT?!”  I didn’t mean to be rude but it really was a sight to behold.  No matter, I ate a portion with a spoon and it was delicious!  Naz took the mickey out of her own oversight by sending an email to the whole archive pointing out her error, but it was really my oversight in not putting “pastry shell” in the ingredients.  A lesson learned.  It did make me laugh in the email Naz sent round where she said, “And my mother wonders why I aint married!” Tee hee!

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