Oh how I LOVE those Audio Gold boys.  They are so kind to me.  They found me some speakers and a GORGEOUS Ferrograph amp (who knew I’d need one of those too?) They fiddled around with the amp, cleaning all the connections, showing me the splendour of the inside with all its lovingly hand crafted workings, finding me all the right leads…  I am good to go.  If I have time to get it all set up I will have my first screening tonight for Mr PH.  A few Pathe newsreel items, a WC Fields short and a movie.  How exciting.

I’d been craving some of Mae’s tuna for days and rustled some up for a quick dinner before going out to Prom Night.  It was so much fun.  Best moment was watching Alastair doing the limbo under a blow up guitar to the sounds of Billy Idol’s “White Wedding”.  All the Shellac Sisters were there and we had an official picture taken, first and only time you will ever see all of us in 80s gear!  Ha ha.

Tax return is ALMOST done.  Now for the Vintage Life cookery column.  From the next issue the magazine will be available from WH Smiths “and other leading newsagents”…

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