Ooh Mae, I think it was having some of your Salada for lunch that made me break all the rules and go out with a fella last night.  What happened to my giving up men for Lent pledge?!  Ha ha!  Mae would have been proud of me.  I sat in an enormous fibre glass throne with a lovely man in a velvet jacket on my lap and admired the shiny resin statue of a black cat twice as tall as a human in the light of a silvery moon.  My kind of party.

I am thrilled to announce that everything on my hard disc survived.  Whoopeee!  I was very proud of myself yesterday with my mini screwdriver and determination to embark upon a fairly complicated process without really knowing what I was doing.  At one point I thought it was impossible but then I had a bath and realised that although Maplins had sold me the wrong piece of kit, I could still do it.  I persevered and everything is restored.  Including the demonstration film for this month’s recipe.  I was really upset when I thought this might be lost as it has my MUM in it.  I have just sent the link out to newsletter subscribers so if you are interested in seeing the demo films please pop your email address in the box at the top of the right side bar.

One of the best things about upgrading to the latest version of Mac is being able to use Omniwriter.  I am planning a big ZEN writing session this afternoon in the snow zone…

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