“I never worry about diets, the only carrots that interest me are the number you get in a diamond.”  Wise words Mae, wise words.

I often get a craving for Mae’s salad on a Saturday, I have no idea why.  I love all of the ingredients in this salad (I’m a big fan of “chicken of the sea” with anything really) and could eat a massive bowl of this dish at any time of the day or night.

When I decided to make this a couple of weeks ago, I thought I didn’t have any celery, but luckily I had a Kilner full of pickled gherkins and celery that I made for the Muswell Hill and District Horticultural Show pickles category.  Huzzah!

Sometimes Battenburgbelle and I do wonder about the judging criteria for the cookery classes, but in this case, even if I do say so myself, these pickles deserved their accolade.  DELICIOUS!  There is Hammerton N1 Pale Ale in the pickling liquid

which is probably why it’s so divine.  I could drink that pickling juice I love it so much.  Perhaps I will once I’ve eaten all the pickles…

Every year I promise myself I will spend more time in the communal gardens of my flat and it never really happens.

But when I made Mae’s salad I ventured down and spent a happy hour on the new bench that has recently appeared out there.

I think it must be the lovely new downstairs neighbours who have put this in the garden, as they have installed another at the front of our building.  Every time I arrive home, those flowers make me really happy.

It was sooooooo lovely having my lunch out in the garden.  Must do more of this, weather permitting. I almost didn’t spot Twiggy out there she was so well camouflaged…

So here is Mae’s recipe.  I cannot help but say “Salada de Tuna” to myself in a sexy Mae West drawl whenever I see it written down…

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