Note to self and everyone else who might attempt this, jelly/jello takes a lot longer to set than you would expect.  You have to make this the day before your party and keep shaking it at regular intervals to see if it is ready to bung all the walnuts, apple and celery in.

When Julie saw this she said: “I don’t know what to say!” and referred to it throughout the evening as “the green thing”.  Michelle wanted to know, “Has it got fish in it?  Has it got tripe in it?” – I think she was worried about the walnuts, which did indeed look a bit dodgy through the prism of lime jelly.  Maybe this is why Margaret specified BLACK walnuts?  What’s the difference between English Walnuts and Black Walnuts?  The Peanut Butter Guy knows…

Margaret’s salad is a very, very odd thing to eat.  One of those things where you think, “I’m not going to like this” and then you do…  Most people had to be coerced into trying this and most of them had the same kind of “well I never” tone of voice when they widened their eyes and said, “actually I like it!”

But you know what is lovely about an evening of canape testing?  There is something for everyone. “The green thing” was Hannah’s favourite after the Peanut Butter Croquettes.  So whaddya know?

Nathalie took the pic of the salad and when sending it over was worried it was: “a little out of focus”.  But so was the salad to be honest.  This was a RABBIT shape when it plopped out of the mold but obviously STILL hadn’t set.  I shall have to fiddle around with this recipe quite a lot if we decide to include it in the book.  If you would like it in the meantime (and who wouldn’t want to make a lime jelly rabbit with waldorf salad in?), just drop me a line via the “Contact” page.


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