I knew it was coming, but I took my eye off the ball and here it is! (thanks for the tip off Jeanne!)  The Holy Grail of Silver Screen Suppers recipes – a real Marilyn recipe.  Until now the best we had was the fact that she liked to serve carrots and peas together as she liked the colour combination (thank you c-dot!)…  But here is the genuine article – Marilyn’s Stuffing…

Hmmmm – I believe Thanksgiving is coming up, maybe that’s the opportunity to give this intense recipe a go.  I’m going to buy the book too.  The idea of getting a peek into Marilyn’s private world is just too appealing for a nosey parker like me.

Crazy night here at the Palace of Solitude as I attempt to cook an appropriate dinner for the ladies of the book group who are coming round tomorrow.  They are all such great cooks, I have to get prepared a day in advance.  Bette Davis’ Brown Bette will be our pudding, but everything else is modern day…

The thing that is freaking me out slightly is that I’ve got my i-Tunes back after some software issues.  I have put it on “random” and have been listening to it all evening. WHERE have all these songs come from?  I presume BOYS have been programming stuff in (or whatever they do) as it is like the PARADE OF THE EXES in my kitchen tonight….  Neil Young, Stevie Wonder, Prince, Nick Cave, Gram Parsons, George Michael (?  how did that get in there ?) – each song that comes on is another marvel.  Entertaining though…  Oh, and here is one that I’ve put in at last….  Which reminds me.  Have had a brainwave about dating sites.  Why didn’t I think of it before?  There are SPECIFIC sites for women like me who are looking for rockabillys!

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