Time to say goodbye to Wookey Hole – Mr Rathbone is getting a new fridge freezer…


I shall miss this guideline about how long things should be frozen for:


I don’t have this on my freezer door.  Hence of course, I feel that I am at liberty to have bits of cheese and portions of Phyllis Diller’s Garbage Soup hanging around in there for eons.  


I once remarked on how well a batch of Basil Rathbone’s India Curry had frozen, and Mr R said, “yep, that’s probably been in there for 3 or 4 years.”  It is quite possible.

Basil Rathbone's India Curry

So the last things remaining in Wookey Hole were 2 sausages which we had for our breakfast on Sunday, and a big portion of Marilyn Monroe’s stuffing.  Lucky me, I got to have this for my spinster Saturday breakfast.  STUFFING WAFFLES!! Now one of my very favourite things…


I scoffed both of these with an almost perfect poached egg on top – using my chum Sanja’s method of putting the vinegar in a ramekin with the egg before sliding it into the whirlpool and cooking for 2 and a half minutes.  I am going to try 2 minutes 20 seconds next time…  I’m going to perfect poached eggs if it kills me!


Click here for the recipe for Marilyn’s stuffing.  I feel quite sad that there is no more now.  But I might make a batch for a Thanksgiving dinner in November, or failing that, definitely for Xmas.



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