It is taking me a long time to get used to the idea that I can live exactly as I please now I have my own place.  Tonight I am experimenting with doing exactly what I want…  I’ve been DJing with my Sisters all day at a crazy corporate event in Hertfordshire – there were many magic moments.  It was the kind of gig that reminds us why we do what we do – because there are people who “get” the idea of 4 women in authentic vintage garb playing  78rpm records on original 1920s gramophones.  I admit, the fact that this event was so massive that they had umpteen burly boys to carry our gear and transport us around on golf carts did help!

So I got home around 5.30pm and wondered what to do?  I decided to go into the communal garden and start my summer reading.   The challenge that is “Gone With the Wind”.  It has begun…  I really enjoyed the sounds from all the flats around me (there are two 1930s blocks opposite each other with a retro garden in between) – a gurgling baby, obviously enjoying his or her dinner, a 30 something woman on the phone to a friend laughing about the mad night they had had last night, and someone playing classical music with a lovely violin part.  I am sure this is exactly what the architects who built these wondrous flats in the 30s were hoping for…  I’ll be bankrupt soon but who cares?

So tomorrow I must make Marion’s Cheesecake for the next recipe of the month is coming up fast and I’ve chosen this.  It is weird how a recipe can bring back a flood of memories.  The last time I made Marion’s dish was when I was cat sitting for Sid – probably about 3 years ago – and the Black Panther came over for lunch.  Afterwards we were supposed to watch the Capra classic, “The Women” together but he basically slept all the way through it on the sofa.

Knowing now what I didn’t know then, he’d obviously got all tired out the night before with another one of the 8 ladies he had on the go at the same time as me.  What a man!

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