Well, Marion’s cheesecake was the biggest hit yet with my work colleagues.  Marie pronounced it to be “Possibly the BEST CAKE IN THE WORLD!” and Edward G said, “great, really great, REALLY great” between mouthfuls.  It was still warm from the oven as I had made it before work – oh yummy.  Soooooo looking forward to feedback on this one when the next cookalong newsletter goes out on 1st August (don’t forget to sign up by putting your email address under the word “Newsletter” on the sidebar to the right-hand side of the website and clicking the subscribe button).

Not only is everyone being very nice about my cooking today, they are being nice about my frock too.  As I slowly but surely unpack the many boxes and bags from my lockup I am discovering lots of dresses I had totally forgotten about.  Today I am sporting the “Fritzi of California” number I bought at a flea market after my visit to the Hollywood Forever cemetary in L.A.  I was thinking about consigning it to the “for ebay” pile, but as no less than FOUR people have complimented me on it, it has got a reprieve.

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