“With me it was 5 per cent talent and 95 per cent publicity.”

Grace and I awoke with the humdinger of all hangovers on Sunday morning after our singles night in the champagne bar of the Great Eastern Hotel. Grace had more success than I did – there was one incident of her encouraging a young man to take his T-shirt off I hear – as usual I only fancied the DJ. What is it about them I wonder…

Anyhow, we attempted to eat Marion’s Rarebit in the garden wearing very dark sunglasses and sipping gingerly from cups of tea. Grace’s verdict on the dish didn’t really help with the digestion. She proclaimed that “it looks like VOM but tastes delicious”. After I’d managed to calm my hysterical laughter and try and be sensible I dropped the pepper grinder right in my rarebit. This produced more hysterics which caused Grace to drop the top off the milk bottle into hers.

We went back to bed for an hour to recover.

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