Our Pittsburgh turned Dallas based test cook Josef VS sent in a report on Marlene’s Lamb Chops a while back and it’s popped to the top of the “to-blog” list.  I’m working my way through them all because round 3 of testing  starts in July!

It’s always fascinating to read the feedback forms that our testers fill out.  Josef thought that pork chops would be a nice alternative to the lamb – of course!  I’d never thought of that, I’m going to try it.  Pork with turnips.  Yum yum.  Josef also made a vegetarian version with Portobello Mushrooms,  Marlene would have been proud!  I’m going to take him up on the suggestion that we give more details about how to make the gravy.  Oh goodness, I do love Marlene’s Lamb Chops and just writing about them makes me RAVENOUS!

I’m DJing at a house party tomorrow and Rosalind really made me laugh earlier.  I sent her an email saying that she might get to meet the new man I’m interested in (he hasn’t got a nickname yet – early days) as I’ve invited him to the party as my plus one.  She sent one back saying, “and I’ll get to meet the George Clooney lookalike too I hope”.  Oh goodness, I had totally forgotten he was a friend of the hostess!

I emailed back to say that it promised to be very amusing, two potential squeezes at one event.  Then she emailed back to say “and JW too…”   Oh LORD, I’d completely forgotten that I met The Artist through the party hostess too.  Cripes.  Three squeezable men at the same party.  I’m in big trouble…

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