Hot on the heels of Oooooona’s Moooooosli, here comes Marleeeeeeeen’s Sardeeeeeeen. Of course, this pleasing combination of words only works when mispronouncing MarlAYYYYYna Marleeeeeeeen, but hey ho…

I made a beautiful loaf of rye bread on a fabulous day in the kitchen with my chum Liz Wilson, aka Ma Baker.

Me with Liz. Is that a Silver Screen Suppers apron?!

In fact, I made a LOT of bread. It was a day full of joy and laughter and learning.

Mr Rathbone’s sis Jools was there too and we had such fun.

Mischief makers!

If you want to learn bread skills, skip over to the Bread Angels site and find a BA near you!

I had been waiting for a day when I had a loaf of rye bread in the house for AGES and you’ll see how this has been on the “to-cook” board for some time, just above Una’s Muesli in fact..

So what is Marlene’s sleepinge potion, and what does it have to do with sardines? Here, verbatim from her fabulous book Marlene Dietrich’s ABC

SLEEPING POTION (without prescription)

On your way home stop at a delicatessen store and ask for a sardine-and-onion sandwich on rye bread. Eat it when you have finished your evening chores. You will have enough time to wash and brush your teeth before slumber overtakes you.

When I told my chum Lady Jane that I was going to try Marlene’s cure for insomnia she said, “You don’t have insomnia do you?” I said, “No, I don’t.” She said, “How will you know if it worked?” I said, “I won’t!”

But I can tell you this. Very soon after I ate TWO of these delicious sandwiches I fell asleep watching The Ipcress Files.

Was it the movie? Or was it the sardines? Only one way to find out!

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