“When you’re dead, you’re dead. That’s it.”
I went to the funeral of a very religious friend this weekend and my crazy sister-in-law announced very loudly at the wake to nobody in particular that she didn’t believe in the afterlife. A stony silence fell over the room as everyone momentarily stopped tucking into the delicious spread prepared by the local Women’s Institute.

The funeral was a very sad affair with a few moments of brilliance. John had appeared in many guises in various episodes of Dr Who and the ham fisted organist gave a pretty valiant effort at playing the theme tune as the coffin was carried down the aisle. My brother-in-law wore a tie with a dalek on.

Last week in a rare night in for two at number 43 I made Marlene’s Lamb Chops for Ginger. She’s soon to leave us to embark upon married life so every moment is being savoured. She announced that Marlene “sure knew how to throw together a dish” and I agree. A notoriously good cook.

I can’t help feeling very sad at the thought of our happy home breaking up soon but we sure have had some good times and it is great to have the blog to be reminded of some of them.

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