Fancy a boozy breakfast?  I can recommend this bonkers recipe.

I do so love a recipe with a weird title and Marsha is in Murder, She Wrote so this was a MUST for the forthcoming Murder, She Cooked book.

I also love a recipe that is effectively a menu too.  Everything on the above plate was proposed by Marsha.  I’m not sure whether she would have served this for breakfast or brunch (she suggests having blueberry muffins and coffee with this) or lunch or dinner (Liebfraumilch might be a bit much earlier in the day).  But whenever you serve it, serve it with love!

How much does Gayle Hunnicutt look like Video Games era Lana del Rey by the way?

The Ham With Love was weird, but good.  The bananas with Cointreau really took me back to something my mum used to make when I was a kid, bananas fried in butter with rum (I think). I’ll ask her if she remembers this when I go home at Christmas.  I’m also going to find out if my sister Marsha was named after this Marsha.

This dish will be going into the Murder, She Cooked book for sure.  I’m stepping up efforts to get everything tested ASAP, so expect more weird and wonderful things on the blog in the near future.  If you fancy helping out with recipe testing, everyone is welcome.  Here’s the list of current “most wanted” for testing.

Jack Carter’s Fresh Fruit Kuchen

Van Johnson’s Brownies

Ken Howard’s Caviar Pie House of Ken Howard

Jean Simmons’ Sour Milk Cheese Fruit Salad

Wayne Rogers’ Fish Dish

Janet Leigh’s Fruit Salad with Daiquiri Dressing

Michael Ansara’s Cheesecake

Elizabeth Ashley’s Creole Chicken

Dina Merrill’s Homard au Whisky

Carroll Baker’s Baked Chicken

Jennifer Warren’s Shrimp and Cocktail Sauce

Wayne Rogers’ Hunter Eggs

Just let me know in a comment or via the Contact page if you fancy trying one of these.  You don’t have to be an expert cook, everyone welcome!

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