Here are links to all the recipes that featured on my weekly Murder, She Cooked Substack in January.  I’m not going to duplicate them on the Silver Screen Suppers blog, so if you are interested in the recipes, just click on the appropriate link.

Martha Raye’s Chicken Livers en Brochette

Joey Bishop’s Make-Me-That-Potato-Jazz

Kathleen Beller’s Apple Pie With Cheese Crust

As I’m concentrating on writing the Murder, She Cooked book for the next few months,

the recipes and episode guides are going to be sent out once a month from now on.  As there are 264 episodes, plus some TV movies it will take me over twenty years if I go at this rate – hahahahah!  I AM IN THIS FOR THE LONG HAUL – join me by signing up to the free Substack!

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