Very sad to hear about Martin Landau going to that Hollywood in the sky yesterday.  Had to cheer myself up a bit with a big helping of his very own Martini recipe.  Martin is one of my favourite Columbo villains and I’ve written about the episode he is in here….

If you wanted to have your own little tribute to Martin, I cannot recommend his Jerk Steak recipe highly enough – the recipe for his marinade is in this blog post…

Martin Landau Jerk Steak

After a lovely Martini, I cannot think of anything better.  Here’s how Martin liked his Martini, Mr Rathbone has christened this the….

Martini Landau

2 oz good quality vodka, 1/2 oz or splash of vermouth, 2 pimiento stuffed olives or lemon twists. Chill martini glasses in freezer. Pour vodka into cocktail shaker filled with ice, shake until very cold, (at least 10 seconds). Pour vermouth into cocktail glass, swirl and dump out. Strain martini into chilled glass. Serve straight up (no ice in the glass) garnished with 2 olives on a cocktail pick or with a twist of lemon peel.



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