I am excited about tonight’s #ColumboTV tweetalong, as the episode we’ll all be tweeting along with, is one of my absolute favourites: Double Shock.  Martin Landau plays Dexter Paris, host of a television cooking show, and he gets the Lieutenant up out of the audience, to assist him in making hollandaise sauce.


Everyone is welcome to join in with this monthly Columbo tweetalong, just get your DVD of Double Shock primed and ready to play at 10pm UK time tonight.  Folks all over the world comment on the episode as it unfolds, and it gets a bit rowdy – ha ha.  There are a few folk on there that constantly crack me up with their comments.  If you just want to take a peek at the tweets, just search on twitter with the hashtag #ColumboTV.


So for all my Columbo fan chums, here’s a suggestion for your Saturday night tipple.  Mr R is well used to me making strange movie star food and drink, and when I asked him if he fancied having a Martin Landeau Martini his knee jerk reaction was to ask “What’s in it?”

When I said vodka, vermouth and a twist of lemon he said “OK, go on then, I’ll take it!  I thought you were going to say chocolate or meat or something…”

The chocolate reference was probably in reference to the Liz Taylor and Rock Hudson “Giant Martini”

giant martini

which was utterly delicious.  But I don’t know what kind of martini he thinks has meat in it…  Certainly not Martin’s!

So here’s how Martin liked his martini: 2 oz good quality vodka, 1/2 oz or splash of vermouth, 2 pimiento stuffed olives or lemon twists.  Chill martini glasses in freezer.  Pour vodka into cocktail shaker filled with ice, shake until very cold, (at least 10 seconds).  Pour vermouth into cocktail glass, swirl and dump out.  Strain martini into chilled glass.  Serve straight up (no ice in the glass) garnished with 2 olives on a cocktail pick or with a twist of lemon peel.


Martin’s martini and the Liz and Rock’s martini recipes are both from Greg Swenson’s brill book “Recipes For Rebels“.  Soooooo many movie star recipes in that book I want to try.  But for now, I’m concentrating on Columbo co-stars as I am trying to get the Cooking With Columbo cookbook finished…


Mr R very much enjoyed his martini, and decided that henceforth, it should be known as the “Martini Landau”.  He’s a clever man…


I’m really looking forward to having fun with all my ColumboTV chums tonight.  See you at 10pm on Twitter!


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