I love Martinis! I waxed lyrical about them here when the Carole Landis Martini was the recipe of the month. So here’s a little video demo of the way Martin Landau likes his Martini…

…and here’s the recipe – CHEERS my lovelies!

2 oz good quality vodka, 1/2 oz or splash of dry vermouth, ice cubes, 2 pimento-stuffed olives or lemon twist.

This recipe was requested by my chum, Marx Brothers expert Mark Brisenden. Mark not only mixes a mighty fine cocktail, he is also the man I turn to when I need a chilli recipe tested. He has stepped up the plate to test Vincent Price’s recipe for the mighty dish for the forthcoming Co*Star Cookbook. There are still lots of recipes to choose from, do join us!

Skip over to this page to see what’s up for grabs…

I only had black olives when I made this one! I am sure Martin wouldn’t mind.

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