Here is something super cute to scoff after your Mary Pickford enchiladas!  I made these in honour of HippFest Silent Cinema Festival which is ALMOST UPON US my lovelies.  Have you got your pass yet?

Only £20 for loads of amazing silent films with specially commissioned musical accompaniment, lots of talks by knowledgeable folks and even a bit of a dance party on Sunday night with a playlist put together by me and Mr R. There is so much fun to be had.  All the films are available for 48 hours so you can join in whatever your time zone.  Get your pass here – ignore the “sold out” signs – it’s a glitch.I cannot wait for Prix de Beaute!

I’ll be demonstrating how to make a Mary Pickford cocktail, a HippFest Sparrow cocktail and Mary Pickford’s enchiladas (skip to this blog post for the shopping list).  You’ll have access to my demonstration film on Saturday morning and it’s available for 48 hours.  I had such fun making this little movie and I do hope that you’ll enjoy watching it.

Here’s a little sweet treat to prepare for the festival – or any time you fancy really!  Mary’s recipe for Raspberry Jam Tarts appears in the book that until very recently I believed to be the earliest book featuring movie star recipes.  The fabulous Celebrated Actor-Folks Cookeries published in 1916.

but recently, Fritzi over at Movies Silently tipped me off to a book that predates this one, and I’m going to be writing about that on the blog soon.  Until then, dear readers, here’s Mary’s Raspberry Jam Tarts recipe with a few notes about how to make them to follow.

Now then, who knows what the consistency American cream cheese would have been in 1916, but if you are in the UK and using good old Philadelphia you’ll need to add more flour in order to get a rollable dough.  I added about 20g to my mixture after translating 1/4 lb to grams – 113g for each ingredient.  So in the end approx 133g flour to 113g butter and 113g cream cheese seemed about right.  I creamed the butter and cream cheese together first, then added the flour.  It was still a bit sticky but workable.

Mary said to “turn up the corners in an envelope fashion” and I was a bit puzzled as to how that might work but thank goodness for the Goddess Google.  I spotted some cute jam tarts in the shape of open envelopes with little hearts that someone had made for Valentine’s day so I HAD to steal that idea.  It was a messy business but it was fun!

I folded each side to the centre first, and then the bottom section.  Behold the loveliness!

I brushed each envelope with a little bit of egg wash (one egg whisked with a tablespoon of water) and sprinkled over a few pinches of caster sugar.  I baked these at 190°C (170ºC fan) for about 15 minutes.

MAN ALIVE was I pleased with how they turned out?!  I think these would be a super fun thing to make with kids.  But they were also a fun thing to make all on your lonesome with nobody else to see them!  I was chuffed with myself.

I ate one that unfolded in the oven (it was DIVINE) and I have frozen the other four to save them for the Saturday of HippFest when Mr R will be in residence.  The Saturday is not only the day when my Mary Pickford cooking demo goes live, it will also be our first wedding anniversary.  Will little envelopes made from pastry count as a paper gift?!

I think these are the loveliest things I have made in a LONG TIME.  Do have a go, and put your photos on the socials – if you hashtag #silverscreensuppers and #hippfest, I’ll should see your pix – here are all my handles…

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