“It is always the same: women bedeck themselves with jewels and furs,
and men with wit and quotations.”

Rosalind came to dinner last night, my first supper guest in my new home and Maurice’s crouton bedecked soup went down a storm. I had forgotten to ask Rosalind if she liked onions but we both agreed that EVERYONE liked onions, didn’t they? Rosalind’s parting comment on the subject being, “if you don’t like onions, I don’t like you!”

My new pad meets with Rosalind’s full approval and as we toasted each other with multiple cans of beer she announced that for the first time in a long time I was, “sitting pretty”. She also asked the rhetorical question, “Who am I? Angela Lansbury?” at some point. And in respect of housing, and children, “why buy when you can rent?”

Side by side in bed next morning, she dispelled my doubt that I would ever succeed at buying a place of my very own with the exclamation, “you got the Kaiser Chiefs tickets didn’t you?” Which I have to admit, made me have to examine my negative thinking pattern on that one…

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