maurice chevalier
“Many a man has fallen in love with a girl in a light so dim
he would not have chosen a suit by it.”

Ha ha, how true. It’s true for women too, I’m only going to brightly lit nightspots from now on. And I shall get my failing eyesight checked.

I didn’t get around the Lupe’s Pie last night, the household chores and the making of Rum Jam took over, so instead I shall blog the results of Joan C’s testing of the soupe a l’oignon. Joan thought the soup delicious and shared it with Bette saying, “Ma petite cherie scoffed deux helpings (as did I)”. The croutons were much savoured and she suggested adding a note not to skimp on these. As she points out Monseiur Maurice did amiably warble, “Thank heavens for little (cheesy) grills.” Groan…

She also made one comment about husbands and soup on the feedback from that is not suitable for a family forum. Her sense of humour is so blue sometimes it takes me about half an hour to work out what she is actually referring to! Naughty girl, I do miss them both now they are living down there in Brighton.

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