What do you stick into the DVD player when you are down in the dumps?  If there one film that always lifts your spirits, or do you have a handful to choose from?  I need to know my lovelies!

I’m working on a new book.  I’ve actually been working on this since 2010 but it feels like now is the time to get my act together.  Here’s a sneaky peek…

My alter ego Dr Celluloid will be prescribing films to soothe and amuse, with recommendations tailored to life’s many conundrums.  If you want to know more, skip over to this page, but for now I am gathering suggestions.  My watchlist is enormous, but I’m keen to hear what my readers self-prescribe when they need a cinematographic pick-me-up.  You can leave a comment on this blog post or contact me privately via the Contact Form.

I am also offering FREE prescriptions (undercutting both Lucy and Snoopy) – so do contact me if you have a particular dilemma that a bit of movie medicine might help you to process.

Last week I saw my first patient.  Online of course.  It was the first day of my writing retreat at The Green Shed in Muswell Hill, an absolutely beautiful spot I rented for three days.

In the afternoons and evenings I attended the Iceland Writers’ Retreat (which was brilliant)

and in the mornings I worked on the book proposal

and sat in the garden thinking deep thoughts.

On the very first morning of my intensive writing immersion I had a wonderful conversation with some writers at the London Writers’ Salon Writers’ Hour Midweek Mingle (tongue-twister!). I hadn’t mentioned what I was working on but one of the writers, Sally said that she’d been going through rough times and a friend had given her this.

To cut a very long story short, it felt like planets were colliding and I spilled the beans about Movie Medicine.  After our chat, Sally got touch via my Contact Form and wrote the following:

Really love your concept of Movie Medicine…I have been reading about fertility stuff recently and there are some stats somewhere that show that medical procedures (all kinds) work much better if people are joyful so they advise watching funny movies….You’re on to something!!
Have an amazing time in your Silver Screen Shed 🙂
PS might be asking you for funny movie advice!!

HENCE, my first prescription was issued.  I couldn’t resist.

My all time #1 favourite funny movie is….

and so my friends, I nearby offer Mel’s omelette recipe as Recipe of the Month and his Silent Movie as the best cure-all I know. Don’t be perplexed at the beginning of the movie and turn your volume up to high looking for music, it really is SILENT to begin with.

In a wonderful interview he gave to Bon Appetit magazine Mel revealed that he had two signature dishes.  Manhattan clam chowder (see the article for his step by step guide) and this omelette.  I heartily recommend the article as there is some great stuff about a dinner Mel had with Alfred Hitchcock.

I like to think this is an actual, real serviette that Mel wrote the recipe on but who knows?

I didn’t have the end of a baguette (I wish I had) but this omelette was the best omelette I’ve ever made, and I make a lot of omelettes!

But you know what else would be good with this omelette?

Cheers Mel!  Do let me know about your own movie medicine – I’m all ears.

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