When I moved from London to Hastings there was a bit of an involuntary grouping together of of like things with like.  As per the teachings of Marie Kondo.

This isn’t me, and I have MORE clothes than this, but you get the picture…

This resulted in my discovering quite how much I had of certain foodstuffs.  In the “overflow sideboard” there were two cans of Campbell’s Condensed Cheddar Cheese Soup, sent over from the USA in 2019 for testing a recipe in the Supper With the Stars book.

There were three tins of pumpkin soup from pre-pandemic days when I made and sold pumpkin bread at my nephew’s brewery

and one hellova lot of pasta.  Why so much when I rarely eat pasta?!

In a bid to start working my way through it, I invited Jane and Trix around for “Little House on the Prairie Tuna Bake” (this is what I call it).

Jane’s text reply was “We would love to – what can we bring? And where’s my gingham?” My response was, “All you need to bring is this attitude…”

Jane’s response was, “Ripping rags for ringlets as I type.” All of this won’t mean much if you are not of an age where Little House on the Prairie was on ALL THE TIME. But we both were…

I wore what I always think of as my “Little House on the Prairie” apron.

and my gingham Converse as I do like to dress appropriately for dinner when I have chums over.

We had a lovely time with Jane and Trix who are always excellent company. The pasta bake was a big success and made a tiny dent in the pasta mountain so I am happy!  Here’s the recipe for all you fans of LHOTP!

It’s from Melissa Gilbert’s excellent cookbook.

This is the only recipe I’ve made from this book, and I have made it a few times, but there are LOADS of good recipes in it so I must hoik it out and have another gander.  Until then, do let me know if you make this, and whether you dress appropriately to eat it!


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