I love it when someone with eagle eyes finds some movie star recipes and sends them to me in case I don’t already have them. My film archivist chum Margie is brilliant at this, and she sent over some Hope Lange recipes she’d found online.  They had been transcribed via robot (I think the correct term is OCR – Optical Character Recognition) and it was a bit scrambled. Luckily, a couple of the recipes were featured in another paper so here you go – two lovely ways of fancifying sandwiches to make them “terrific” – especially for teenagers!

I really enjoyed making the Sardine Strips for a party of one.  I rarely make myself a sandwich and these felt like something special.  I used posh sardines.

Here’s the filling mixture.

I loved making the sandwiches ahead of time, wrapping them up like a parcel, and popping them into the fridge.  For a working from home lunch, it felt like a real treat.  A present!  For me!  From the fridge!

The filling was really tasty, so I herby recommend treating yourself to a few sardine strips.

Or if you are having a bit of a party why not make some of Hope’s Cheese Ribbon Sandwiches from the above article too. Fancy pants!

I am very thankful to all the institutions who are scanning and using OCR to make so much wonderful stuff available over the internet.  The systems have improved immeasurably over the last 10 years or so, but I do love stumbling upon some that were processed in ye olden dayes.  You can read about my favourite example of this kind of machine-impersonating-a-human-recipe-transcription in this post about Jeanette Nolan’s Sizzling Livers and Walnuts, which ended with my favourite line in a recipe ever, “Flour bear, and walk through that wild country”.

Which reminds me, that Sizzling Liver with Walnuts recipe was GOOD, I might make that again sometime…

Thanks Hope, and thanks Margie!  This one will be going in the Murder, She Cooked book for sure.

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