Jenny Agutter waving her knickers on a stick at an oncoming train is one of my earliest movie memories.  I think I must have been taken to the cinema to see The Railway Children when it came out (that’s how old I am) and that’s the scene I remember most.  I am going to check if that actually happened, and I haven’t just imagined it, by means of the Google…

OK, I am laughing now as one of the first results that comes up is a link to a Daily Mail article

and then just under that, Jenny is referred to as “The knicker-waver from the Railway Children”. Goodness what a legacy!

Now I’ve started thinking about The Railway Children I fancy a little spinster screening of it. I wish I had more than one recipe for Jenny in the collection as although this courgette and tomato bake was GOOD, it was also HUGE and I was eating it for days and days and days.  I was walking around my flat with my belly like a big bass drum full of pasta.  Lovely, but I’ll need other people to help me eat it if I make it again.

I used some Heinz Chopped Tomatoes for this dish so it counts towards the Heinz 57 challenge.  I’ve never seen these on the shelves here in the UK but Mr R has a secret supplier for weird Heinz foodstuffs.

I reckon kids would like this.  If they are OK with courgettes.

Jenny is in an episode of Murder, She Wrote called One White Rose for Death, looking SUPER glamorous. This recipe will be in the Murder, She Cooked book for sure.  What a frock!


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