My Murder, She Wrote related Substack is now monthly and the March edition features Jessica visiting a television set where one of her nieces plays a character in a daytime soap.

Paul Burke is in this episode too, and the companion recipe to the show is his Twelve O’Clock Creole Rice.

Skip over there for the recipe.

A little update on the Murder, She Cooked book.  I am over halfway through writing up the recipe feedbacks and am hoping to get all of these done over the Easter break.  I have booked my beloved Green Shed as a writing retreat for Good Friday and Easter Monday, I’m stupidly excited!

There are a few straggler recipes I am planning to test again myself but if you are in a cooking mood and think you could make one of these and send me feedback for the book in the next couple of weeks, do get in touch via the Contact Page.

Alan Hale’s Skipper’s Dream Sandwich (this is a roast beef sandwich that involves onion soup mix!)
Ron Leibman’s Hoo-Ha Chicken (looks good – involves Rose’s lime cordial and vermouth)
Eddie Albert’s Butterly Leg of Lamb (I have made this before and am making it again over Easter to note down quantities of some ingredients)
Have a wonderful Easter break my friends, if it is Easter where you are this weekend.
I thought this was Rosalind Russell but apparently it’s Ruth Roman.  Now I immediately want some of her Caesar Salad!

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