I do a LOT of cooking so if someone offers to cook for me, I am in heaven! Some lovely, lovely people invited me to partake in the Murder, She Cooked recipes they were testing. I had a blast. Just as when Jessica and Seth cook and eat together, I am happiest when doing that with my own bunch of Cabot Cove type chums.

My fabulous friend Sanja chose Cornel Wilde’s Fish Stew a la Claire Green as her dish to test and it was sooooooooo delicious. A rich and creamy fishy stew with crackers thrown in.

I really loved this stew and I really loved spending an evening with Sanja and her brother Sasa, drinking whisky, eating steak tartare and laughing like drains. Sanja used these water crackers for the dish and I thought they worked perfectly.

I am afraid that I cannot resist posting yet again my FAVOURITE PHOTOGRAPH OF ALL TIME. Sanja in the kitchen after burning a hole in her oven glove. I might have to have this on my tombstone…

The lovely Battenburgbelle took time out from promoting her brilliant new cookbook Kitchen Confidence

to cook Loretta Swit’s Party Chicken

for me and a gaggle of other girlfriends. The chicken was succulent and totally delicious.

Served with patooties and “Peas in the French style” this was definitely a festive party dish. Fab.

Cathy and I have spent many, many nights cooking and eating together and she has faithfully promised to be by my side when it is time for me to attempt to make a traditional Maine lobster dish for the book.

I have a feeling it will be a bit like that scene in Annie Hall…

I will report back…

My very own Mr Rathbone chose Ron Glass’ Bombay Chicken as his dish – he was surprised that it didn’t involve some kind of curry flavourings, but he was a sport and went for it anyhow. This was the NICEST thing he has ever cooked for me and that is saying something.

I really loved this delicious marinated chicken with prunes, olives, capers and white wine – yum.

I also very much enjoyed his singing in the style of the Stylistics and then later Leo Sayer (not so much). This chicken dish was SO GOOD, and Mr R did such a great job with his feedback, it’s going to be recipe of the month for November so do look out for it. 100% recommended.

I’ve been cooking quite a few of the dishes destined for the book and one that was a huge hit at Silver Screen Suppers Towers recently was Carol Lawrence’s Lasagna. I made this for Vic and Corinna and we all loved it. Corinna said it was the best lasagna she had ever had and Vic said the whole meal was “super deluxe-y” which made me laugh.

I will probably write this recipe up in a blog post soon as it’s now going to be my go-to lasagna. I just loved the fact that you didn’t have to make a béchamel sauce (ricotta covers that) and that it all fitted perfectly in my lasagna dish. RESULT.

All of these recipes will be in the Murder, She Cooked book, but if you can’t wait that long (and it may be a lonnnnnng time coming) get in touch via the contact page and I’ll send them on over.

Lots of typing going on here at Silver Screen Suppers Towers!
Thank you, Greg for making this fabulous teaser…

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