We are having a heatwave.  It was 35 degrees C (95 degrees F) when I wrote this last night at 7.30pm!  Flats in London are NOT EQUIPPED FOR THIS!

For the first time EVER the temperature is due to hit 40 degrees C (104 degrees F) here today.  It’s bonkers, but I have a cookbook to finish…

and only two more recipes to go!  So I forced myself into the kitchen yesterday (the hottest room in the flat even when the oven isn’t on) and made this at lunchtime.  No cooking required.  Here are the ingredients.

I packed the mixture into one of the little mini loaf tins my chum Juli of the East Sheen Microbakery kindly gave me ages ago, just because I was in her kitchen and said I loved them!  Darling bread friend!

lined with clingfilm.  It was GORGEOUS!  A really nice heatwave lunch (this is half the recipe, I ate about 1/3)

and would be nice as a dinner party starter too, I reckon.  You could serve little dainty portions on a bed of lettuce with some Melba Toast.  YES.  Here’s what I would do if I served it as a lump, like a cheeseball, for folks to dig into, stick some gherkins on top!

It’s too hot to type any more, so here’s the recipe!

from that brilliantly titled book, 282 Ways of Making a Salad.  If this weather keeps up, I’ll get through the lot!

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