This recipe has been hanging around on the Murder, She Cooked test cooking list for a lonnnnnng time.

A few people volunteered to have a go at it, and then declined once they realised that liver was involved.  No problem for me though, I love liver!

I approached this recipe with gusto and it was delicious!  I’ve never seen carrots in a marinara sauce before, but that’s how Wayne does it!

I was just making this dish for me myself and I, so I divided up the amounts by 6, but I did a bit less of the liver, it did seem like a lot alongside all the other ingredients.

It was a super hearty midweek dinner.  I wish I’d been skiing, or on a long walk in the mountains before eating all of this.  There was TONNES.

It was delicious though.  I loved it.

Thanks Wayne!

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