Pink food is weird. This was tasty (no doubt because essentially, it was mostly cream and vodka) but it was a very odd colour. I made this on a lovely summer’s evening after my daily constitution. It was a typical British summer kind of evening…

The first night I made this, I had it with pasta as instructed

but on the second night, I just ate a massive portion with a spoon out of a bowl. I was idly thinking about what else you could serve this with and decided that for the ultimate comfort factor, this would be good with a huge ladleful of mashed potato. This mash craving is perhaps something to do with lots of rainy days in the summertime here at the moment.

This recipe is destined for the Murder, She Cooked book. I liked it, but couldn’t stop thinking about Audrey Hepburn’s Penne A La Vodka. Hmmm, I feel a re-do of that coming on…

There are still a few recipes available for testing if you fancy helping out with the book, everyone welcome, whatever your cooking prowess. Check here to see the list. If you have tested something and sent feedback, I’m planning to send out my thank-you postcards in the next couple of weeks – weather permitting!

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