Oh Myrna, that was definitely quick and it was also surprisingly good!  I wanted to cook something fairly healthy and fairly speedy tonight as I had the dreaded rigmarole that is dying my hair planned for later.  Gad, it is one of my least favourite things to do.  Still, I am reading a book my darling friend Ada sent me about positive thinking so I tried to think about how nice my hair would look when it was done, rather than how much I HATED doing it.  It sort of worked, and as I was waiting for the dye to take I cleaned the bath with my beloved VIM too.

VIM is something that gives me pleasure that is out of all proportion.  I’m so happy that I found some in the Spa shop down the road.  Ever since I moved into my flat I’ve almost despaired of getting the filth left by Dirty Eric (the previous tenant) out of my lovely eggshell blue bath.  It slowly dawned on me that Mr Muscle wasn’t going to do it and I dimly remembered my Nan using VIM so i was pretty excited to find some not 5 minutes walk from my house.

I am beginning to wonder if things like my crush on VIM is a sign that I’m turning into a batty old buzzard (as Obi put it in the Hawley Arms on Monday).  I decided today that I’ve spent one too many Saturday nights in on my own now, so I resolve to do something about it.  As per the aforementioned book, it is my intention to meet someone who might like to see me on a Saturday night.  Someone like the handsome hillbilly but maybe a few years older.

There, I have made an intention – it’s out in the universe.  Let’s see what happens.

Oh, Myrna’s soup was very good.  There is a picture here – definitely something I will make again next time I am dying my hair…  Perhaps it will be a new Palace of Solitude tradition.

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