On the day after my Annual Spinster’s Day I thought it would be appropriate to have a Bachelor Omelet.  It was delicious!  Mind you, for a spinster, half the recipe would have done, the omelet was massive.

This is the first of the recipes I’m testing for the app.  It’s a winner, it is IN.  There are photos here.  It’s the first time I have made an omelet where you whisk up the egg whites separately then fold in the yolks.  It was fluffy in the extreme.  Yum, yum.

I’m having such a lovely long weekend.  I’m in bed listening to The Archers with half an ear, and will soon be served a Mexican breakfast by Mr H who is rattling the pots and pans in my kitchen as I type.  What a huge treat.  Shame I haven’t got it together to make my Lieutenant Blender Margarita in a Bag.  No tequila to hand…

Stop press: Mr H produced HOME MADE TORTILLAS containing perfect scrambled eggs and a gorgeous home made salsa on top.  I was amazed!  Heaven.

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