I got a text out of the blue from my friend Neil recently which read, “You don’t have an Olivia De Havilland recipe! Shame on you!!!” I was perplexed for a moment. Was he planning to watch Gone With the Wind and looking for something to eat alongside? Then it dawned on me, perhaps Olivia had gone to that Hollywood in the sky? Indeed she had.

So I had a rummage around in the Silver Screen Suppers archives and found Olivia’s Salad Nicoise recipe. VOILA.

For Neil, for fans of Olivia, and anyone else who fancies rustling up a Salad Nicoise with a little bit of stardust sprinkled over it, here’s Olivia’s recipe.

I love this brilliant picture of Olivia and Bette Davis enjoying a meal together.

It’s reminded me of something brilliant I’ve been meaning to write about for ages on the blog. Check this out…

I love this so much! As I love ALL of the illustrations in this brilliant work of art.

I am officially a superfan of Tom Kofoed. I don’t know him, but I STALK HIM and buy lots of his ace stuff. I bought a printer more or less specifically because I want to print these out and have a scribble…

My denim jacket is home to his brilliant Barbra Streisand brooch.

And my gloomy lockdown Thursdays are now always much, much better after I have tuned in to his lip sync Thursday antics on Instagram. So here is the scoop on Thom. Check him out, buy stuff off him, he’s a gem.

Thom’s Esty shop

and if you are an Instagram fiend like me, follow him – @thomkofoed

I treated myself to an intensive Aron Foundation writing course and I have been writing heaven for 7 days. There has been tumbleweed around my kitchen and here on the blog. I have been in my writing cocoon, just like Jessica Fletcher, chained to my typewriter.

The week was soooooooo good and it’s given me a lot to think about. I’m going to put the blog on hold for a while to regroup a bit. I’ll be taking a good hard look at where I am at with the Murder, She Cooked project. If you have volunteered for a recipe but not made it yet, don’t worry, still plenty of time. I’m going to try and contact all my test cooks in the next few weeks. If you fancy joining in, there are still recipes up for grabs, just visit this page.

So you won’t see me around these parts for a while. Until then, here’s an image I was THRILLED to spot during a Murder, She Wrote viewing marathon recently. Stay safe my lovelies.

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