I am strangely obsessed with Pat’s way of pimping a potato. It pops into my mind as something I fancy on a regular basis. I think I read in one of Sophia Loren’s cookbooks that cheese with fish is a no-no in Italian cooking but I LOVE this combo on a potato.

Pure comfort food. This time around I used some sardines that had chilli in the mix. I bought loads of these pretty tins of fishies in the days when I could leave my flat and travel to the BIG supermarket whenever I pleased. I just love the packaging design…

I haven’t been there since just before lockdown, in the days where I was frantically trying to score toilet paper.

After many abortive attempts to get some at the smallish Sainsbury’s, Waitrose and Marks and Sparks supermarkets in Muswell Hill, one early morning I bit the bullet and got on the bus to the BIG TESCO on Colney Hatch Lane.

I remember walking past massive queues of people who seemed to have nothing but Andrex in their trolleys. I could feel my pulse racing with every huge pack of 16 rolls I passed, I could smell victory! But when I got to the toilet paper aisles the shelves were bare.

I left crestfallen and empty-handed. It was ages until I got myself some on a grocery delivery order, and when I pulled them out of the bag I felt like the luckiest woman alive. Small pleasures have become huge during this pandemic.

I have heard tell of the systems now in place for social distancing in the big supermarkets but I still don’t fancy it. Luckily, I still have a few tins of fish and my corner shop always has a box of big baking potatoes. I could survive an apocalypse (which I almost feel that I am doing) by just eating Pat’s potatoes I reckon.

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