Mmm.  Boeuf de Bourguignon…  This was delicious but more mushy than Burt Lancaster’s version, I guess that’s what makes it a ragout?


Patrick O’ Neal obviously knew what he was doing food-wise, not only was his recipe really good, he actually had his own eateries back in the day including this one…


I’m going to put that on the list of “things I want to know more about” and also the list of “places I want to go”.  There is a Ginger Man in a different spot in New York now, but from what I can work out, it’s still in the family…


I am crazy busy at the moment so plan to come back and post the recipe but if you’d like it in the meantime just drop me a line via the “contact me” page.

Want an update on the 2015 decluttering project?  Are you ready to be DISGUSTED?  Here are some before and after photos of my tights and socks drawers.  Holy Hannah!


There were 3 drawers like this, full of tights and socks all tangled up and guaranteed to put me in a bad mood each and every morning as I tried to find a pair of tights that a) weren’t a weird colour b) didn’t have a hole in and c) weren’t footless when I needed footed and vice versa.  Behold the new splendour:



How much do you think I chucked away?

NINETY-SIX PAIRS of socks / tights – no kidding.

I now have two drawers with nothing in!  Bonus!  Next up will be belts, scarves, hats and all that jazz.  I love you Marie Kondo.

And I love you too Patrick O’Neal.



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