I keep cooking liver to Pearl’s specifications as her recipe is so easy, and so delicious, but I never seem to get around to telling you lot about it. Well, I found this post in my drafts folder, written at a time when I was I was a bit moody during the first pandemic lockdown. Things are still very weird in the world but it’s a while since I had such a wobble that I needed a liver cure. There will no doubt be another one at some point, and if you too have have a wobble, try this and see if it puts you to rights. It’s medicinal for sure.

Pearl is absolutely correct about the need to use LOTS of onions. Even if you think there are too many, there won’t be, because they will be utterly delicious and they will all get scoffed!


I took a couple of U.F.O.s (Unidentified Frozen Objects) out of the freezer yesterday morning and they turned out to be a big helping of liver and a triangular lump of mashed potato and peas.

Comfort food! I needed it too, I had one of those “funny days” that are cropping up every now and then during this pandemic. I felt DISCOMBOBULATED but Pearl’s liver sorted me out. Here’s her recipe, written in her own inimitable style.

Pearl Bailey’s Colony Club Liver Supreme

To start with, cut up lots of onions. I mean lots, because I really dig onions.

I put them in a skillet with about a stick butter or more and let them simmer slowly, covered, over a low flame. Be sure to turn the fire way down so that you won’t burn them. Wash the liver thoroughly, sprinkle with salt, pepper, and flour and drop it into the pan right on top of the onions. I suppose when you do it you will take the time to place a piece of liver in there very carefully and neatly. I don’t do it that way because I’m a queer kind of cook. I just pile it in.

Then I keep turning it over and moving it around now and then until each piece starts to look a little brown. Be careful now, you don’t want shoe leather, so don’t cook it too long. Bring it to the point where it is just done enough for your family and then stop cooking.


Well, as it was just me, myself and I it was lovely to slice into a bit of liver in the pan and decide when it was done enough for me. I took the liver out, added a bit of water and some homemade brown sauce to the pan to make a gravy and it was DELICIOUS!

Pearl’s Kitchen is one of my top 3 favourite movie star cookbooks

(Vincent Price and Yul Brynner getting the other top spots). I just love the way she writes her recipes as if she is chatting away to the reader. I must make more of Pearl’s dishes. As she writes after the liver recipe, “As you must now by now, I get a lot of pleasure out of finding something new and groovy to cook…” Me too Pearl, me too.

Other Pearl dishes I have made:

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All were VERY GOOD!

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