“If I wanted something badly enough, I’ve gotten it.”
Apologies for the gap in the Silver Screen Suppers schedule which has occured due to intense courting on America’s Sweetheart of Song’s part, and a cat sitting stint in North London on mine. I’m hoping now that AS of S has returned from the fjords that she’ll be back in her pinny sharpish.

Meanwhile I am packing stuff up for an imminent move off the river. To where? Dunno. But this much I do know, Tuesdays from now on will DEFINITELY be SSS day because to my JOY there is a new slot in the Radio 2 schedule. Not only is there Desmond Carrington (who else would play the 1920s ditty “What Can You Buy a Nudist For Her Birthday?” alongside David Byrne’s version of “Don’t Fence Me In?”) followed by “The Organist Entertains” (Wurlitzers a go-go) but last night the first in a new series called “Putting on More Style”. Billed by the BBC website as: “a four part series about Hollywood Icons famous for their style” – whoopee. Last night’s was a fabulous portrait of Katharine Hepburn. If only I had known I could have cooked a Hepburn recipe (if there is one in print anywhere). She notoriously shunned most of the silliness of the studio publicity machine so methinks she might have refused to play the celebrity recipe game.

I am now desperately trying to find out who will be featured next week so I can plan the menu.

However, last night as I hung on R2s every word Penny Singleton (better known as “Blondie”) kept me amused with her Spaghetti Caruso recipe. Being of the squeamish type it took me ages to separate the fleshy bits of the chicken livers from the stringy bits but the resulting sauce was GOOD. I ate it up on the roof with my back to the Newlyweds who were having a romantic dinner a deux on their boat. He sure didn’t waste any time getting a new beau after Mrs Makeup left I see, perhaps they knew each other of old…

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