I’m on the home stretch with the cookbook and I’m beginning to get those long nights of the soul – waking up and panicking about how much there is still to do – eek!  I have about 3 months before publication date.  Can I do it?  I hope so…

This is just a quick post appealing for help with test cooking. I really want to make sure that all the recipes in this book work. I’m testing them all myself – sometimes multiple times – but a fresh eye is always appreciated. Can you help?  You don’t have to be a great cook, and in some ways, better if you are not, as you might spot something in the recipe that needs clarification.

Anyone who test cooks will get an acknowledgement in the book and my everlasting gratitude.  

Here are the recipes most in need of a test cook…  If there is something here that takes your fancy, just drop me a line via the contact page and I’ll send the recipe on over…

My absolute deadline for feedback is 10th December (my birthday!)

Lee Grant’s Malibu Chicken

Eddie Albert’s Butterfly Leg of Lamb

Susan Clark’s Shrimp Curry

Patrick O’Neal’s Ragout de Boeuf

Anne Baxter’s Genuine Swiss Quiche

Leonard Nimoy’s Potatoes La Jolie

Laurence Harvey’s Chicken Pie

Nicol Williamson’s Steak Mince and Stovies

William Shatner’s Steak Picado

Lieutenant Columbo’s Veal Scallopini

Jeanette Nolan’s Sizzling Livers and Walnuts

Playboy’s Stewed Pheasant in Champagne with Dumplings

Olympia Dukakis’ Greek Meatballs

Brenda Vaccaro’s T-E-R-R-I-F-I-C Italian Sausages

Juliet Mills’ Chive-Sausage Hoppin’ John

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