It’s that time again…  It’s the #ColumboTV tweetalong tomorrow night and the episode is…

In this episode, the Lieutenant rustles himself up a Black and White Soda.  I had no idea what this was, but the power of the internet has revealed it contains vanilla ice-cream, chocolate syrup, club soda, whipped cream and a cherry.  So here’s one I made tonight in anticipation:

Mmmm!  I used the recipe that follows, but Columbo doesn’t muck about quite so much.  His method is to bung in some ice-cream, squeeze over some chocolate syrup, add some fizzy beverage, make a squeezy cream blob and stick a cherry in it.  Perfect either way.

Black and White Ice-Cream Soda

3 tablespoons chocolate syrup

1/4 cup / 60ml milk

2 scoops vanilla ice-cream

1 teaspoon vanilla extract

7 oz / 200ml club soda/seltzer/fizzy water

Canned, whipped cream/squirty cream

Cherry – preferably with a stem!

Pour the chocolate syrup into a tall glass, mix with the milk, vanilla extract and one scoop of ice-cream.  Fill the glass, nearly to the top, with club soda/seltzer/fizzy water.  Top with the remaining scoop of ice-cream and a dollop / squirt of whipped cream.  Place the cherry on top.

Serves 1

Blog reader, Beth in Florida, requested I put up a photo of my fab Boris Karloff / Elsa Lanchester cardigan.  Here it is!  I love this cardi so much.
Everyone is welcome to join in with the #ColumboTV tweetalong, join us, it’s so much fun.

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