I have been celebrating the completion of the second draft of the Columbo cookbook with the Lieutenant’s favourite snack.  Hard boiled eggs.  Behold my new guilty pleasure.

Yes, I realise it’s the laziest thing in the world to buy pre-boiled, hard boiled eggs.  But look, they are BLUE!

These just tickle me, and I will continue to buy them now and then as a treat, carrying one around in my coat pocket as the Lieutenant does, just in case I get peckish…

With all the fairly sophisticated cooking that’s been going on around here lately, two hard boiled eggs, with their accompanying sachet of salt and pepper, on my home made walnut sourdough, with lashings of salad cream, was one of the nicest dinners I’ve had for ages.  Thank you Crackin’ Egg Company!


Up yours clean eating!

So I’m giving myself the mini-challenge of cooking the 8 remaining recipes for the main part of the Cooking With Columbo cookbook by January 1st.  I have a feeling I’m unlikely to nail it, mostly because a birthday trip to Helsinki and the madness that is Christmas stand in my way.  But I’m going to try.  Here’s how the test cooking list is looking…


Can I do it?  The meat dishes probably (George Hamilton’s Smoky Chicken is on the cards for tonight…) but the puds?  Unlikely…

But I really want to have test cooked them all myself, before I send the recipes out to all my lovely test cook volunteers in January.


If you fancy test cooking a film star recipe for the Columbo cookbook – you’ll get an acknowledment in the book and my forever friendship – just get in touch via the Contact page – I’m getting a mailing list together…

Recipes by Vincent Price, Janet Leigh, William Shatner, Jack Cassidy, Robert Vaughn, John Cassavetes and many other Columbo co-stars up for grabs…


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