If I met someone who had never seen an episode of Columbo, I think I would recommend Murder By The Book as the one to start with.  It’s superb in so many ways…  Not least…

but also…

Credit is due for the screengrabs to the amazing Colombophile

But the best thing about it, for my purposes, is that we see Columbo cooking an omelet (or omelette if you prefer) in this episode. Oh, he knows what he’s doing in the kitchen for sure.  He breaks the eggs with one hand!

I have watched this episode many, many times to work out exactly the ratio of eggs/onion/cheese he uses:

…and I think  I have finally cracked it!  Mind you, the eagle-eyed Columbo fans will be shaking their heads at the fact I chopped the onions rather than slicing them as the Lieutenant does.  I’m still tweaking the recipe for the Cooking With Columbo cookbook, and I’m awaiting a report from a test cook, but let it be on the record.  Columbo’s omelet is DELICIOUS!

I think I am going to tweak the amount of butter I recommended in a previous post to 1/2 tablespoon… ‘cos, you know, 1 tablespoon of butter is a LOT for one person these days.  But despite being SEEPED in butter, it was, of course utterly delicious.  Julia Child would have approved.

I am deep in editing at the mo, hence the entry for Etude in Black acting as a placemat.

Mmmmmmmm omelete / omelette – that was a truly easy and delicious din dins! 

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