So it is day 12 of Covid and it is the first day my appetite is truly back.  This is the perfect breakfast for a Covid convalescent I reckon because you cannot deny that this is a HEALTH DRINK.

It was this recipe that prompted me to start a top 100 as I wrote a blog post about it, and Mr R pointed out that I’d written about it before.  Well, yes.  Sometimes I do make a movie star speciality more than once.  But it got me thinking, for those that I make often, maybe I should do a definitive post and then never mention it again?  So here are my last thoughts on the PFBB (or The Easy Rider Smoothie as I started calling it way back in 2017).

1 – I do not know what Peter means by “sea protein” – do you?  I use spirulina.

2 – I love that Peter Fonda knew about chia seeds in 1971.  They didn’t cross my consciousness until about 45 years later.

3 – Peter Fonda is the next-but-one stop on The Great Bear adventure (right at the bottom, aka Camden Town)

but I don’t think there is any way on God’s green earth I can get Mr Rathbone to drink a smoothie with spirulina in it.  Luckily I have one other Peter Fonda recipe, a lentil soup.  So we’ll be having that.  Watch this space!

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