You know when you walk from your kitchen to your bedroom to go and get something, and when you get to your bedroom you’ve forgotten what you went there for?  I felt a bit like this about Peter’s Pork Chops.  I made them ages ago, and forgot to write about them.  Then I found a couple of frozen portions and had them when Mr Rathbone came over one Friday night.  We scoffed them with some green beans, but do you think I could remember anything about them when I sat down to write?  No, I couldn’t!  


But today, I stumbled upon a piece of paper with a few scribbled notes on.  Apparently, I had said: “potatoes have a slightly porky flavour” and Mr R had said: “serve with mustard, gives pork a lift!”  Also (and I do actually remember saying this) on the way home from the traditional couple of pints in Quinns after work on a Friday, coming up my four flights of stairs, in anticipation of Peter’s dish I said: “all I need is a pee, a beer and a chop!”

Stop press: just asked Mr R: “Do you remember anything about Peter Lorre’s Pork Chops?”  His reply, quick as a flash and with emphasis: “They were NICE.”  So there you go!



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