My fridge is almost entirely stocked with salad dressings and cheese after last Sunday.  I overdid it.  So I was very pleased to find this recipe to use up what’s left of the Roquefort.  Nice and easy and very, very tasty.

Phil says: Mash the cheese in with the eggs until there are no lumps left.  Cook over a slow fire.

and that’s all he wrote!

I’m off up to the petrol station in a minute to buy a copy of the Guardian.  I hear a rumour that there will be a review of my lovely friend Alastair’s new restaurant – Home Store Kitchen in Hastings.  I had an amazing meal there with Ptolemy a few weeks ago and had been meaning to write it up but as with many things, I haven’t got around to it.  Anyhow, Ptolemy’s piece about it is so beautiful I’m going to send you over to it.

Here’s a fellow we met there:

and here’s a pic of me with the chef!

It was an utterly delicious meal at a wonderful magical place…

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