Making this soup cures all ills. I was feeling somewhat melancholy last Wednesday evening (can’t remember why now) but my fridge was FULL of random veggies and once I got going on this I felt a million times better. The glorious thing about this soup is that you can put anything in it. Except jello and pickles says Phyllis…

The result will always be a totally unique soup. I’ve made it LOADS of times and naturally, every time I make it, it is totally different, all dependent on what is knocking around in my fridge, gazing up at me from the salad crisper making me feel guilty. It’s like a breath of fresh air to open my fridge now and see nothing in the vegetable drawer except a packet of cooked beetroot.

I stumbled upon this magazine advert recently and it’s been hanging around my desktop for an opportunity to include it in a post. So it isn’t just me who thinks this soup recipe is LEGENDARY! Phyllis made it on the Mike Douglas show!

This version is a bit different to the one I’ve been inspired by previously (at the bottom of the post) but the principle is the same. Naturally I have spent FAR TOO LONG trying to find Phyllis cooking this soup on YouTube to no avail. If you spot it, do let me know!

I feel like any interpretation of “bung whatever you’ve got in the pot” classifies a soup as a garbage soup. So last Wednesday’s version of Phyllis’ soup contained the following: two onions, two turnips, two tomatoes, lots of french beans, some cauliflower, a couple of spring onions, a few butter beans, a few handfuls of spinach, some coriander, some tarragon and some thyme. Topped up with chicken stock and about 1/6 of a bottle of red wine that had been looking forlorn since the previous Saturday. Resulting soup was 100% delicious and there’s lots of portions in the freezer for work lunches to come. Yippee.

Phyllis, you are much loved here at Silver Screen Suppers Towers because your soup is THE BOMB.

Phyllis Diller’s Garbage Soup

You cozy up to your butcher (I hope he looks like Cary Grant, he probably doesn’t) and ask him for a soup bone. This will thrill his body. Nobody asks for a soup bone. How many people own a Great Dane? 

You take this home, and this is the beginning of Garbage Soup for the week, this is:

Fill a huge pot half full with water – add salt, cracked pepper, salad lift, grated parmesan cheese, chili powder, a pinch of poultry seasoning (optional).

Drop in the bone. Forget the Great Dane. Let him find his own butcher. 

Fresh chopped onion, parsley, carrots, celery, potato and green pepper. Simmer endlessly. Add one large can of tomatoes cut up and two cans of kidney beans.

From then on – all leftovers go into the soup – with the exception of pickles and Jello. Make sure you chop leftovers fine and be sure to keep adding juice from all cooking or cans opened … including salad leftovers with dressing! Remember, when frying any kind of meat, rinse skillet with water and throw it in Garbage Soup. 

Remember, anything boiled is sterile, germless and the flavor is fantastic.

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