Who could resist a salad with a title like that?  Not me!  

It’s not “Tomato Salad With Flair” you note, it is Tomato Salad With A Flair.

Phyllis Kirk sounds like she could be a character in The Archers.  Are you listening to The Archers at the moment?  For overseas readers who might not know, The Archers is a GENIUS radio serial that has been going since 1950 (no kidding).  

I am pleased to say that nobody ever telephones me between 10 am and 11.15 am on a Sunday when the omnibus edition is on.  Everyone knows I won’t pick up.

I’ve loved The Archers for many years, but something weird has been happening recently.  It seems to be all about my life…  Jennifer and Lexy being arch-rivals at the fruit and produce show, just like me and Battenberg Belle. Kate is decluttering and asking herself if things bring her joy or not (a perpetual state of affairs at my place).  Clarrie and Susan are experimenting with fermented food…  Is one of the scriptwriters living in my flat?

All of this to say that if Phillis Kirk WAS in The Archers and she asked me if I would care to go to her cute little farmer’s cottage for some Tomato Salad With A Flair for luncheon, I would not be in the least bit surprised.

I loved this!  Not much of a recipe really, but the elements were:

Black olives





Lemon juice

Mix it all together and plonk on top of tomato halves.

FANCY!  With a flair…

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