This one comes with a warning, Mr R had to put me to bed for half an hour after consuming just one Buzz-Bomb (and some of the rest of the champagne of course). I lay there like a MUMMY, unable to move a muscle. This cocktail is a humdinger and no mistake.

The brain is working but the body is kaput!

I mentioned in the demonstration video that Gertrude had an amazing look so I’m posting some pix below. She’s just AMAZING. Also a link to the Soundie I mentioned for Oh Johnny!

Bring me anozzer Buzz-Bomb, I can’t move…
The sequins!
The eyebrows!
The fringe!

According to IMDB she played a character called Bubbles La Marr in the musical, “Follow The Girls,” at the Shubert Theater in Chicago, Illinois.” Oh how I’d love to be called Bubbles La Marr! There was a character called Spud Doolittle in it too. Maybe I’ll start calling Mr R “Spud” in the hope that he’ll call me “Bubbles” in return. We have to amuse ourselves in these strange times somehow!

Here’s me trying to impersonate Gertrude.

For a Niesen Buzz-Bomb you’ll need 1 oz lime juice, 1 oz Cointreau, 1 oz cognac, 1 oz benedictine, 1 oz vodka and some vintage champagne. Be prepared to feel a bit like this…

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