Well that’s a mouthful and no mistake!  I always like a recipe with a slightly weird title so I decided to try this one out for a forthcoming Eat Drink Films article about film star chili recipes.  It was GOOD.  Ralph recommends accompanying the chili with a cold apple and a beer.  So voila!


I’ll be writing more about this chili in the article and the recipe will be included, but if you’d like it in the meantime just drop me a line via the Contact Me page or make a comment below and I’ll send it over.  Thanks Ralph, after the disaster that was Warner Baxter’s Chili – I feel better now that I have made yours and not blown anybody’s head off with it.


I’m just back from the wilds of Essex where I went to a fabulous wedding at a fabulous place – Othona.  It’s a religious community on the coast near Bradwell on Sea.  A beautiful place just bursting with human loveliness and all the good things of nature.  I came back with a carrier bag full of windfall apples and rose hips.  I feel like the original hunter gatherer!


All very autumnal!  I’m going to make an apple pie in a minute, yum yum.

So congratulations to Jim and Charlotte on their joining of the hands, and thanks for the opportunity to experience life in a place like Othona, if only for about 24 hours.  Magic…


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