I have never eaten lobster before. I’ve always thought of it as being a big prawn. And I’m not mad on prawns so why would I like lobster? But anyhow, Ray Milland’s Lobster Salad is on the test cooking schedule for the Columbo Cookbook so I had to try it!  Battenburg Belle was game to give this a go too, so last night I went round there with the wherewithall...

Ray Milland's Lobster Salad
I was surprised to hear that Battenburg Belle had never eaten lobster either, but we both enjoyed it very much indeed, as did Mr S when he turned up late.  I’d made half Ray’s recipe so there was enough for 3 of us.  I had fun laying out all the saladings (is that a word?) on BB’s much coveted big fish platter.  I am going to sneak into her house one day and PINCH that.  Please note lobster (unless it is a crayfish) peeking out amongst the lobster…


The lobster was delivered via FedEx from Cornwall.  I bought it from Fish For Thought and it tasted really fresh and tasty – I recommend Fish For Thought, especially as there was a little freebie of two lovely looking mackerel in my package.  What a treat!  I’m going to order more from them soon.  Fishy wishy!

BB and I debated whether we liked the lobster purely because it is a luxury item.  She came up with this gem: “I don’t like things just because they are expensive, unless they are clothes!”  She then clarified that with: “sometimes.”index

I’m happy to say that I met my target for Camp Nanowrimo a few days early.  I am a WINNER!  Yay!  I spent 50 hours working on my Columbo Book and I am very pleased with myself.  Pat on the back and a new pen for me.  NOT a genuine Mont Blanc Greta Garbo pen, I am waiting for my lottery win for that…

greta_garbo-montblancThanks Ray, you’ve surprised me with your lobster salad recipe.  I liked it!

Ray Milland_

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